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Dextera Academy


Dextera Dexterians!
Another important section of our project is now liveTHE ACADEMY.

Way before Dextera was born, when we still were Shiko (at the time)
we noticed a lot (really a lot) of people not aware of how to do even easy tasks or knowing basilary things: what’s exactly a wallet, what’s a blockchain, what’s an address or a contract address etc…

For that reason this new section aims to help all people struggling to understand these things, especially who is just making his first steps in this “crypto – world”, not always so easy!

In these days, more posts will be shared, covering all arguments we need to explain, especially about our own project. Dextera is definitely a long term project, not a “pump and dump token”
and investors must to understand very well its potential to be able to invest in something they know.

Thanks for the patience, keep holding and support us sharing our project.


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