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Creator Space (How to become a Vendor) – Partnerships – Stacking pools

CreatorSpace (Official Launch) – Special Benefits!

🔰🔰🔰Dextera Dexterians! 🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰🔰⚡️Today we’ll finally launch THE CREATOR SPACE in his first version ⚡️⚡️⚡️🔥🔥🔥Also, from today ’til the end of Sunday (23:00 ROME TIME), we’ll give some special benefits to all people buying. 7% Buying fees (down from 10%)And a special promotion.. we’ll give a certain % more to the ones who will buy more (10 people will receive the…

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Staking Platform – Creator Space – 1° AMA

Dextera Dexterians! 🔰🔰🔰 CREATOR SPACE 🔰🔰🔰 We talked a lot about this special platform but not in details.. 📌The Creator Space, (release on April 30th – Saturday), will be a platform in which you’ll be able to buy and to sell your favourite products. We’ll provide you a space in which anyone wanting to sell his arts, his gadgets, his…

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BscScan and Dextools update

Am I the only one having this beautiful “vision”? 🔰BSCScan updated our info in his platform so, there, we have our website + all our official socials.🔰 🔰Since we updated BscScan, also Dextools updated our Dexscore and it raised from 52 to 92!🔰 The journey is just started!

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Relaunch on April 4th 2022

Finally we arrived to our relaunch Dexterians and we’re excited for this!It took a big amount of time to fix all things but, now, we’re satisfied by the work done. 🔰🔰🔰Let’s speak now about some main points in this first article:1: Anti-Dumpers’System;2: Special promotion for the relaunch;3: Dextera.Finance v3 (Swap + Vaults);4: Special Lottery;5: Special “DXTA-Signals” Channel on telegram;6: Creator…

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