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Relaunch on April 4th 2022

Finally we arrived to our relaunch Dexterians and we’re excited for this!
It took a big amount of time to fix all things but, now, we’re satisfied by the work done.

🔰🔰🔰Let’s speak now about some main points in this first article:
1: Anti-Dumpers’System;
2: Special promotion for the relaunch;
3: Dextera.Finance v3 (Swap + Vaults);
4: Special Lottery;
5: Special “DXTA-Signals” Channel on telegram;
6: Creator Space;
7: DXTA Academy.

For this occasion, as we previously said in our telegram chat, we implemented
an “Anti-Dumpers’System” to try to preserve our community, even if
“paper-hands will always be there!”, no matter what unfortunately.
This being said, let’s explain better how this “system” will work:
for the first period everyone of us will be able to sell max 2 millions per sale.
(this means that: if you want to sell 10 millions, you will have to do it in 5 times).
So where’s the function to preserve us from “dumpers”?
Well, since from the 2° sale (within a week, calculated in blocks by the blockchain and our smart contract), you’ll pay way more than the normal tax (which is 13%) to sell.
As stated in our telegram chat,
from the 2° sale the tax will be bigger until 32% with the 4° sale within a week.
It’s huge, we know it very well, but it’s needed to avoid people trying to make profits destroying the community (as it happened a lot of times).
if you won’t sell for an entire week, the fee will come back to the normal 13%.
So, if you’re aiming to be a long-term holder, you just don’t have to be scared by this, since fees will be re-modulated when time will come.

For this relaunch, we’ll give you a special promotion letting you buy DXTA tokens with a lower tax than the normal one (which is 10%). So, from 10%, the tax will be lowered to 7% and that means you will get more tokens than the normal condition but… BE FAST!
It’ll last for just 48 hours!

As promised, also, we’ll have our new “Dextera.Finace v3 platform”,
in which you’ll be able to swap any token and even place limit orders like in PCS.
The staking platform will be available just after the launch,
it’ll have a variable APR and it’ll last for one month as the last one.
This is just to give you the first version of this staking platform but…
we have more in mind and..
“this more” will be available the next month if not earlier.

To celebrate our relaunch, we’ll make a 🏵LOTTERY🏵.
-📌partecipants will need to buy a TICKET,
the more TICKETS you get the more chances you have to win;
-📌each TICKET will cost 0.015 BNB (Smart Chain) and in our telegram chat we’ll give you the address in which you will be able to send your contribution for a ticket or more. Obviously we’ll need your name and your wallet address to identify you.
-📌WHAT’s the PRIZE!???
The winner of this Lottery will receive something special: a SAFEPAL S1 COLD WALLET.
(It’ll be sent from us directly to your house if possible,
otherwise you’ll receive the corrispective value in BNB)
**All funds will be used for marketing or to enhance the project,
we’re taking nothing for ourselves.
**The Lottery will be valid if we’ll reach at least 25 participants..
no limits if you’ll be more than that!

SafePal S1 Cold Wallet

About our last main point, DXTA Signals will be a telegram channel in which you’ll be able to enter paying 0.1 BNB monthly and you’ll be accepted only if you’re a DXTA’s holder.
For this reason we’ll need (again) 2 main data:
-your wallet address _ associated with_ -your name,
no one will be able to lie and if you sell your DXTA you’ll be expelled.
We’ll work on this thing very seriously, noticing you some good projects in which you could take a good profit. . . Not an obligation but, if you’ll make some good profit think at us 😉

The Creator Space will be a space in our website where you’ll be able to sell your arts
(generally speaking) being paid in Cryptos…
More details in the near future.

DXTA Academy will be a space in our website where you’ll be able to learn about
the crypto-world; we thought it’s very needed since a lot of you don’t even now “the ABC”,
like pasting an address into the wallet, knowing their own wallet address etc…
More details in the near future.

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