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Staking Platform – Creator Space – 1° AMA

Dextera Dexterians!

Our first staking period is passing so fast!
But.. Ehy! Don’t worry, our next staking platform is ready and it’ll be even better!
Do you want me to share some secrets? Mmm ok.. Ok ..
You’ll have a fixed APY for 4 different staking period.
The more you lock your tokens, the more you’ll get with the APY.


We talked a lot about this special platform but not in details..
📌The Creator Space, (release on April 30th – Saturday), will be a platform in which you’ll be able to buy and to sell your favourite products. We’ll provide you a space in which anyone wanting to sell his arts, his gadgets, his services
will be able to do it being paid in Crypto.
📌We thought about the method to be paid and, at the end, we realised it was better to permit to be paid in Stablecoin (BUSD, TETHER, DAI and USDC) Bep-20.
📌Both buyers and vendors will need to create an account on our platform
with some difference between these two categories…
1️⃣ A vendor will need to provide to us some necessary personal data, and there will be a fee to be paid monthly in order to remain in the platform:
30$ per month (launch price).
Also a little fee will be taken from each sale and given to the project [DXTA]
for its sustainability.
2️⃣ All buyers will just need to create an account in order to be able
to buy the products they like.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Avoiding scammers is a priority for sure.
Even if we’ll try to verify as best as possible all vendors, scammers are very foxy and we wouln’t like to be their victims.
For this reason, just to preserve even more the community, we’ll collect the payment in our wallet and, after we’ll have a confirmation that the product is being delivered,
we’ll send the payment to its vendor. In this way we should be able to avoid 99% of scams.
🤭🤭🤭 Hey do you want to hear a little secret?
In the future we’ll manage to implement the sale (also) of physical goods!
📌The Creator Space, in the near future, will implement also a listing/sponsor section in which you’ll be able to sponsor your token/service
even if you won’t directly sell it in our platform. (Fees need to be set yet)

🔰🔰🔰THE AMA🔰🔰🔰

This is the first DXTA official event after the last relaunch on April the 4th.
We’ll be hosted by “Las Vegas Crypto”, an italian shill group, on April 29th (Friday)
21.45 (Rome Time) / 3.45 (Est Time).
A good occasion to let people know about DXTA and, obviously, this is just the first step.
Please share this post with your friends, shill it everywhere and thanks for your support!

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