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Updates (Locking Tokens – Creator Space – Lottery – CMC&CG)

Let me start here: someone decided to sell all his bag when I was sleeping.
It was really bad to see it but.. just some hours later one of our holders decided
it was the time to GO FULL BAG and we thank him!

Let’s talk now about updates:
📌Today we locked another huge bunch of tokens: 3 billion DXTA for 6 months!
Thanks to this, DEXSCORE raised from 41 to 58 points,
and it’s good for the trust people have and will have in us.
📌In the next week or in 2 weeks we’ll have The Creator Space
and it’s just one of the products we will offer to the crypto community.
📌This week we’ll have the Lottery, don’t miss the opportunity to win a cold wallet.
📌We’re working also to be listed on CMC and CG;
…………no time to waste! No time to die! 🔥

Share DXTA’s opportunity with everyone!
We’re working hard to make things BIG!

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